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I want to be a good consultant who is easy to speak to

 Ms. Rui Totani
Working as a consultant for two years and a half. Rui Totani, Actus Consulting Group, Inc, her daily enjoyment comes from interviewing with job seekers with many different backgrounds. “When my applicants tell me about their dreams, it makes feel like I really want for them to succeed.” These words clearly indicate her “kindness.” For this consultant introduction, our focus is on Totani.

I began working in New York after graduating from college in Washington D.C. Having the chance to work in New York was certainly my dream come true. Before entering Actus, I worked for another Employment Agency for several years. Currently, my task is to meet and work with job seekers. Based on the resumes from our online registrants, my job is to contact the applicants and having them come for the interviews. As far as the interview goes, my primary focus is not about searching interviewee’s every precise information and background. So there is no need for them to become nervous at all. However, I may ask something personal here and there in order for me to become closer to understand the person’s “true self.” It is hard to grasp one’s true self through general conversations. Regarding the interviews, my intension is to become closer with my interviewees and to become a good consultant for them.

This is my personal opinion. But I think it is not wrong to say that being employed can completely change one’s out look on the future. I believe that decision-making processes should not be taken lightly. Once you start to working, the time that you spend on the work place with people who you associate becomes part of your everyday life. Being a consultant, we understand that we are playing the pivotal role in providing job offerings and always extra careful when it comes for giving assistances.

I used to do photography while I was in college. I still do it as a hobby because it cheers me up. On my day-offs, I’ll take my camera outside to motivate myself. I came to realize that there is something in common between taking photography and consultant work. In photography, an object usually determines the quality of a photograph. Drawing out the attractiveness of an object through the picture is what photographers strive for, such as how the photos should look like in order for an object to be seen natural. As a consultant and being the mediator for jobseekers and for the companies, I think my importance lies on how I’m able to find and draw out the applicants’ bright side. So when it comes to doing interviews, I really want to touch on issues about what are their needs and what do they really want to do. I feel certain that I am capable of assisting their dreams a step closer.

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