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Prox J Interview  
  Relation between woman seniors and juniors
Internet Research Institute, Inc
President & CEO.
Ms Saeko Arai
Consultant Interview  
  Article: Business condition in California
TS Consulting International,Inc.
Ms. Yoshimi Iyadomi
The Face  
  To become the link for the companies with reliance
Actus Consulting Group, Inc.
Consultant & Account Executive
Ms. Kazue Miyazaki
We contribute to your recruitment service with accurate screening of candidates as your best partner
Pacific Advisory Service
PAS aims to provide you with the best information and matches possible. Each assignment is treated with the utmost regard for confidentiality.
Pacific Advisory Service (PAS) is a Chicago based executive and professional search firm established in 1988. We specialize in the nationwide recruitment and placement of Japanese/ English bilinguals, as well as the placement of non-bilinguals. In addition to native Japanese speakers, our database also includes non-native Japanese speakers who have worked in Japan, or who have worked for Japanese companies, and have a very good understanding of Japanese culture and business, as well as non-Japanese speakers who are seeking new opportunities.
Actus Consulting Group, Inc.

Placement Fee for full-time, permanent position is from 20% of annual salary, then fee is negotiable

Creo Consulting, LLC

CREO Consulting, LLC matches "much needed employees with our clients sophisticated needs."

OrangeTech Network, Inc.

Supporting global company’s Japanese/English bilingual technical needs by using our world wide engineer network.